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Mag-Lok Long Handle Tools

Mag-Lok Long Handle Tools

Mag-Lok Tools, Inc. is a Dallas, TX based business dedicated to producing the highest quality manufactured tools in the long handle tool industry. Our patented technology (U.S. Patent No.8,322,764) allows Mag-Lok Tools an advantage that no other long handle tool can offer.

Mag-Lok Long Handle Tools

Mag-Lok's New System of Connectable and Interchangeable Tools is revolutionizing the long handle tool industry! Specifically designed and built to last with our patented Mag-LokGrip connector, all Mag- Lok Tools and their respective components are interchangeable AND replaceable. We DO NOT sell throw-away tools! Typically, long handle tools are manufactured as cheaply as possible and are simply discarded once broken. Mag-Lok Tools are totally different. If ANY part, from our D-Grip handle to the actual tool head breaks, we will replace it no questions asked with our industry-first FULL LIFETIME WARRANTY. That's right, just take a pic, email it to us, and a replacement is on the way to you within 48 hours.

Lifelong inventor and entrepreneur Ray Miller identified an unmet need in the long handle tool industry - quality tools that can be stored easily and securely. With the help of CEO Bob Mouch and a team of product designers, Mag-Lok’s innovative concept of pairing industrial grade handles with interchangeable tool heads was conceived. The Mag-Lok Grip Connector ™ has been in development for two and a half years and allows its users the ability to switch out tool heads quickly and easily with one handle.

The Mag-Lok tool system streamlines the jobsite by equipping utility company personnel, road crews, landscaping professionals, construction workers, and fire fighters with the handle they need (PVC-covered steel or fiberglass) coupled with the job-specific tool heads. Offering more than 60 tool heads, Mag-Lok provides a lifetime guarantee on all its handles and tool heads including: 14 gauge closed back shovels, rakes, trenchers, drain spades, scrapers, brooms, tampers, edgers, utility rakes and asphalt lutes. On the job theft is virtually eliminated with the easy-to-carry Mag-Lok case housing 6-8 tool heads and one handle.

Bob Mouch