"The MagLok equipment however was worth its weight in gold. The modular design made it compact and easy to carry around with multiple tools at your disposal, as well as being very durable.  Most of the terrain we were in was loose and sandy but getting up into higher altitudes it became more rocky and compacted, and the tools still held up without chipping, bending, or braking. As for the high lift jack, we only used it once, but with the GMV 1.1 weighted down with our gear, the jack was still able to lift the truck enough to change the tire.  The team had no complaints on any of the equipment and appreciate letting us use it and testing it for you guys."
Mitch Witham
Communicatons Sergeant

ODA 5216

"Great product. Connections are solid and secure, and solved my “where are all these tools going to fit” problem in my JKU." Commercial, Off-road User

“All in all we are very pleased and impressed with your company's product and every one that observed it is also impressed with it as well.” 
Kroll Steven J MSG (3SFG)" krolls@socom.mil

“The Mag-Lok tool system is a great investment and a sturdy tool that I have personally used. They are well constructed and offer the user the ability to a jobsite without heavy bulky items or long handles protruding from the vehicle. Having the ability to change heads on the handle enables the user to have multiple tools on site, while limiting the safety hazards… As a Seabee deploying to the ends of the globe in order to perform construction activities space is always an issue. This system would enable us to take modern tools to remote locations, while saving space and weight. The Central Tool Room would benefit from the procurement of this system by having numerous tools in one convenient package. The accountability of this would save money on replacement cost on broken, destroyed, and lost equipment. The system is versatile and convenient which is why it is a must have within the SeaBee’s Table of Allowance”.
John Howard, P BU1, NMCB 1, U.S. Navy SeaBees

“I am a Retired Air Force Senior Master Sgt. that has served with the 1st Special Operations Wing (Formerly 1st Air Commando Wing) and Recruiting. The MAG-LOK Tool configurations and durability would have served me well as an Instructor in field exercises. I have had the opportunity to Demo this product to many Air Force Red Horse, Navy SeaBees, and Army Special Forces and without exception they all provided the same feedback..... These tools are great and they give us the capability to kit the specific tools that we need to complete the mission!!!!! The manufacturer's ability to design specific tools for specific tasks but yet remain flexible to meet mission needs is like none other. The cost of the tools is fair and reasonable and more than justifies their worth.”
Jimmy E Allen, SMSGT, Former Special Operations Instructor, U.S. Air Force, (Ret.)

“As a retired Seabee Mustang who spent 29 years working both ends of the shovel, I wish I had access to the Mag-Lok tool inventory when I was a Seabee recruit as well as when I served as an Operations Officer in a Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB). The portability, durability, & dependability of these tools is unsurpassed! I have personally compared these tools with all competitors and have found no equal! As I reflect on my numerous deployments over my career, I can think of multiple instances that the Mag-Lok Tool kit could have been a difference maker on deployments to Bosnia, Kuwait, Bahrain & Iraq! The Seabee Motto is "Can Do"...I contend "Mag-Lok Tools can too”. As a COO of Professional Construction Management firm today, I have found multiple uses for the Mag-Lok tool line for both GC's and utility companies in the construction industry today! I challenge you today, Try Mag-Lok! You will never want another tool in your hand!”
Robyn Eastman, CDR, Chief Staff Officer, 22nd Naval Construction Regiment, U.S. Navy SeaBees, (Ret.)